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At So Cal mobile detailing we strive to do a better and more knowledgeable service. In every service that we offer, we know what measures and what tools we need to accomplish. Rest assure that when you contact us you will not be disappointed.

Interior detailing

There are many variables and knowledge to be learned in interior detailing. And tools needed to accomplish every different task on a job. Knowledge is big when it comes to any job for interior detailing the pH balance is a key factor. Not knowing your pH balances may result in damaging any surface of the interior.

Exterior detailing

Not all vehicles are made the same. From wheels to paint, clear coats, trim and moldings. There’s much to know when it comes to all these variables and differences technology changes every day and we are always fueling up with all the new information, tools, and products.


Paint protection package

What is paint protection? Paint protection comes down Paint Sealents and or Ceramic Coatings which will offer protection to the paint from UV rays and contamination ceramic coatings offer the same protection but the last way longer and protect from minor scratching. WE offer both kinds. Contact us now to learn more.

Orange peel removal

What is orange peel? Orange peel is a texture in paint that looks just like the peel of an orange. Which in most cases looks very ugly on paint and it does prevent paint from looking very glossy and like glass. Unfortunately, that’s the way cars come from the factory since they do not have enough time to let the paint cure or correct the problem.

Hard water and mineral spot removal

Why do I get water spots on my vehicle? Many ask well, unfortunately water has many minerals that are used to filter the water. And they can cause a lot of problems with paint if not removed fast. If they are not being able to be wiped out, that means that you would have to hire a professional to have them removed properly without damaging the pan.

Headlight Restoration

Why do headlights yellow? Well headlights are made out of  polycarbonate which needs protection from UV rays which need protection they come with a protective coating from the factory which wears out if not maintain. Many will ignore their protection, we don’t but we can also at most times restore them and protect them as well.

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What People Are Saying

  • Awesome Service, car has never been so clean! Thank you !!


  • My wife was here and said the young man was very nice, polite and knowledgeable. Did a great job


  • By far the best detailer I've ever had. And I've tried lots. Israel is punctual, friendly, reasonably priced, knowledgable, and extremely competent. He's detailed all of my cars here in CA and I've even considered having him travel to AZ to do my vehicles there. He's made my new cars look "newer". I would recommend his services without reservation and couldn't be more pleased with the care and attention he's given to his work.

    James Groff

  • We have used So Cal Mobile Detailing twice. Israel was our detailer and it was a great experience all round. Prices are excellent and Israel is professional, friendly, courteous and does a great job. The cars both look great and what is more convenient than having someone come to your house to detail your cars? One of our cars was filthy and it looks brand new! Highly recommend.


  • Israel has done a great job detailing my Porsche twice. We live in a condo with our garage below and he has brought his equipment into the garage and washed , waxed, and detailed the car. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great car detail.

    Robert Ritz

  • Israel has done a great job detailing my Porsche twice.

    Betty Wright

  • I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great car detail

    Sandra Thomas